Positive Behavior Programs

Habits of the Mind

Silver Oak uses the Habits of Mind curriculum as part of our students' social and emotional learning. Habits of Mind focuses on helping create well-rounded students who are ready to succeed with any challenge or endeavor they encounter. There are 16 Habits of Mind that research states will support students in being successful with any challenge or endeavor they encounter. Positive behavior demonstrating these habits is recognized through our Exhibiting Excellence and Student of the Month recognition programs. 

You can assist your child by asking what they are learning during their Habits of Mind lessons, and by acknowledging their efforts to practice what they have learned.

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16 Habits of Mind

Habits of the Mind


The Four Bs

At Silver Oak Elementary, we teach students to demonstrate the "Four Bs" in order to foster and maintain a safe, supportive, and fun elementary school experience for all students, families, faculty, and staff. Students are taught how to be prepared, respectful, responsible, and safe and recognized with praise, encouragement when they are on track and giving their best. We encourage you to reinforce and recognize this behavior at home when you see your child demonstrating one or more of the 4 Bs.

4Bs behavior chart


Child Abuse Prevention Program

Silver Oak students in kindergarten and grades 2, 4 and 5, participate in discussions led by the YWCA of Silicon Valley about topics of bullying and sexual abuse in an age-appropriate manner. The premise of the program is all children have the right to be safe and healthy at school and at home. The goal of this program is to teach young people in an engaging and age-appropriate way to recognize, resist, and report abuse. During the Child Abuse Prevention Program presentations, children are taught to use The Plan if they ever feel unsafe or unsure about something that is occurring in their life. The Plan has three steps: Say “No! Stop!”, Walk Away, and Tell Someone (like a trusted adult). The Child Abuse Prevention Program presentations run 35 – 55 minutes, depending on grade level. For more information, please see the YWCA-SV website.

Teen Empowerment Program

Silver Oak 6th graders participate in the YWCA of Silicon Valley's Teen Empowerment Program where they discuss the topics of bullying, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and teen dating violence in an age-appropriate manner. During Teen Empowerment Program presentations, tools are taught for staying safe such as: assertive communication, boundary setting, seeking peer support, and telling a trusted adult if students feel unsafe. This presentation lasts 55 minutes. For more information, please see the YWCA-SV website.

PTO Sponsored Programs

Silver Oak PTO supports our positive behavior programs through these PTO sponsored programs and events. Learn more about: