Second Harvest Food Drive

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

29th Annual Evergreen School District
Second Harvest Food Drive December 1-17

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For nearly 30 years the families of Evergreen School District have given much needed food to our community through their participation in our annual Second Harvest food drive. Last year Evergreen School District held its first virtual food drive. Our goal was to raise $10,000.  With the support of all of our 16 school sites we far surpassed that goal and collected an amazing  $17,912, which provided 35,824 meals for families in our community.  

Become a part of this wonderful tradition
and keep thi
s momentum going

Our goal this year is very ambitious - $20,000/40,000 meals! 
The theme for our drive is: NO”BODY” SHOULD GO HUNGRY.

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As we gather with our friends and loved ones this holiday season, we are reminded that we're all on the same mission. Whether we donate money to provide food or bring that food home to our families, we want everyone to get the food they need to thrive.

Your online gift will help lift the burden of hunger for local parents so they can work hard to provide brighter opportunities for their kids. You can make a secure, tax - deductible financial donation in a matter of minutes: Go to the Members tab to find your school site. 

Thank you in advance for what we are about to do for Second Harvest Food Bank 
- because ~ Nobody should go hungry.  


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