School Attendance Matters


ESD Attendance Policy

Recently we have had a lot of inquiries about extended vacations around either winter recess in December or February break. Though we understand over the last year or two travel has been difficult, we do have the policies in place that we follow. Please make sure you understand:

  • After 10 consecutive days of a child being marked with an unexcused absence, they will be dropped from our system. Parents are reminded that a student absence from school is considered "excused" when it is due to illness, a medical/dental appointment, funeral service for a member of the student's immediate family, a court appearance, or religious observance. All other absences are considered to be "unexcused."
  • If your child misses 10 consecutive days of school you will be referred to the Student Study Team and/or District School Attendance Review Board (SARB).
  • After that you will have to re-enroll and if spaces are full then you may lose the specific teacher or spot at our school.

Independent Study

Parents have been asking about independent study to make up the work and not be dropped. Independent study is designed for students who have medical issues or due to Covid quarantine restrictions, not for families to take extended vacations. If you are interested in moving to on-line learning you can contact Katie Coates, , in the instruction department for more options.