Verify Your PowerSchool Account


Verify Your PowerSchool Account

Please take a minute to access your accounts, review that your contact information is correct and then file your login information somewhere you can easily find it in August.

PowerSchool is the student information and communication system used by Evergreen School District. You can access PowerSchool information through a web browser at our EESD login page. Student information can also be accessed through a mobile phone app.

Directions to Create a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

How to use PowerSchool Parent Portal

  • Elementary Schools - In elementary school, PowerSchool lets parents see their child's class schedule, see their child's report card, follow their attendance, and communicate with teachers.
  • Middle Schools - In middle school, PowerSchool lets parents and students see their class schedule, see how their student is performing academically, follow their attendance, and communicate with teachers. You can see what scores they have earned on assignments/tests, if there are any missing assignments, and sometimes see upcoming assignments.

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