Sabercat Mascots & School Spirit


Saber the Silver Oak mascot

Once upon a time, in the rolling hills of Evergreen in San Jose, Sabercats roamed freely, ruling the land with their fierce strength and agility. Over 10,000 years later, in 1995, a new institution was born in the same hills, a place of learning and growth for young minds - Silver Oak Elementary School. To pay homage to the magnificent creatures that once roamed the land, the school adopted the Sabercat as its official mascot, and thus Saber was born. Saber quickly became a beloved symbol of Silver Oak, inspiring students with his strength, grace, and fearlessness.

Over the years, Saber's presence grew stronger and stronger, becoming a vital part of the school's culture and spirit. Students were proud to wear the Sabercat logo on their shirts, and parents delighted in seeing their children cheered on by the Sabercat mascot during school  events and assemblies.

The Pride of Silver Oak

In the fall of 2023, the pride of Silver Oak grew even stronger with the arrival of five new Sabercat cubs. Milo, Cali, Graci, Purrcy, and SJ quickly stole the hearts of the students and staff alike, each one named after a different aspect of the Sabercat's legacy.

Sabercat Cubs (L to R): Purrcy, Graci, Milo, Cali, SJ

Silver Oak Sabercat Cubs Purrcy, Graci, Milo, Cali, and SJ

Milo, named after the genus of Sabercat called Smilodon, embodies the strength and power of the Sabercat, while Cali and Graci, named after the Smilodon species Californicus and Gracilis, represents the elegance and agility of their ancestors.

Purrcy, with his playful and contented demeanor, reminds everyone of the joy and happiness that can be found in the simplest of moments, while SJ's name serves as a nod to the city of San Jose, the home of Silver Oak's students and staff.

Together, Saber and his cubs continue to inspire and motivate the Silver Oak community, serving as a reminder of the school's commitment to excellence, strength, and unity. The Sabercat logo, mascot, and cubs are cherished symbols of our school's culture and spirit.