Recognition and Achievements

There are several ways we recognize the children at Silver Oak Elementary School.  Individual teachers recognize and reward positive behavior in different ways throughout the school day.  More formally, there are a few awards that allow the school to honor an individual child.

Exhibiting Excellence Award

Each week the principal recognizes students in all grades for demonstrating key Habits of the Mind traits. Students are honored by the principal during morning announcements.

Student of the Month 

Over the last six years Silver Oak has been helping our students develop sixteen Habits of Mind. The goal of the Habits is creating well-rounded students who are ready to succeed with any challenge or endeavor they encounter. Students learn one habit per trimester and their learnings are reinforced through our exhibit excellence awards and student of the month celebrations. In the first trimester of our 2021-22 school year students will be focusing on managing impulsivity. Students are recognized by demonstrating raising hands, taking turns, sharing, solving conflicts, and communicating and collaborating with classmates. Students are nominated by their teacher or other Silver Oak staff and can only nominate one (1) student per month per grade.

The selected student's picture and name will be showcased in a news story on our website. Parents are invited to a recognition ceremony where the principal presents a Student of the Month certificate to the student. 

Honor Roll

Students in grades 4-6 are eligible for Honor Roll recognition by achieving certain academic goals throughout the year. Gold Honor Roll is awarded to students who receive all A's on their report card and demonstrate satisfactory citizenship (no N's or U's). Silver Honor Roll is awarded to students who receive all A's & B's on their report card and no N's or U's. Report cards are given out each trimester, so students have three opportunities over the course of the school year to reach Honor Roll.

Evergreen School District Community Youth Award

During our 6th grade promotion ceremony,  the district honors one girl and one boy in 6th grade with the Evergreen School District Community Youth Award.