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Hello Silver Oak SaberCats. Our names are Rhea and Medha.  This is our fourth article of SOT Spotlight. We interviewed the three office members a few days ago and found a lot of interesting information.

Mrs. Cassie

Mrs. Cassie Giannotta
Birthday: September 10

Q: What do you like about working here?
A: “You get to work with students/teachers and everyone else. Also everyday is different. I love watching students grow.”

Q: What school did you teach at before?
A: “I worked at Montgomery Elementary. But I have worked at Silver Oak for 26 years. My kids went to Silver Oak the year the school opened so I volunteered a lot. That’s how I got to know everyone.

Fun Facts

  • She has a really kind and funny personality.

  •  She loves to cook, bake and do gardening.

  •  She is fond of football.

  •  Mrs. Cassie and Mrs. Karen have worked together for over 20 years.

Mrs. Liz

Mrs. Liz Martinez
Birthday: March 25

Q: Why do you like being an office staff member?
A:. It’s always a fun place to be in. There is always something to look forward to and laugh about, especially with Mrs. Cassie and Mrs. Karen. I always have something to do. 

Q: What school did you teach at before?
A: I have not worked at any other schools.

Fun Facts

  • Mrs. Liz takes hula lessons (hula is a Hawaiian dance).

  •  Her daughter is in Mrs. Trusso’s class. 

  • Her favorite color is navy blue.

Mrs. Karen

Mrs. Karen McFarland
Birthday: January 4

Q: What do you like about working as an office staff member?
A: “ I like that teachers, parents,and students are always coming in and out. I also like all the laughs.”

Q: Have you worked in other places?
A: “Yes, I have been a waitress and worked at two golf courses, etc.

Fun Facts

  • I have had a million  other jobs. Two of them are are golf  courts and one as a waitress 

  • She loves, loves, loves shopping and has a awesome sense of fashion

  • Her favorite colors are  Green and Gold

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