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Decomposing and Wetus
Posted 11/28/2017 11:45PM

Kindergarten this month did a lesson on decomposing. We read the story Pumpkin Jack, carved a pumpkin with the seeds still inside. We then place each classes pumpkin in the school garden, where we watched as it decomposed and hopefully next spring new pumpkin plants will grow.

Pumpkin in dirt carved with faceSame pumpkin shown in decomposed state

Thanksgiving themed STEM activity

Our kindergartners learned about Wetu (Wampanoag houses), how a Wetu is made as well as some similarities and differences between the Wetu and Pilgrim houses.

During lab class, students engineered their own Wetu, just like the Wampanoag Indians long ago. It was a challenge designing with little or no direction at first. However, once they got started and learned some engineering strategies from their classmates, they started to build some great Wetus.

Wetu houseMaking Wetu house

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