2020 Pledge Families

Thank You for Making a Difference

Thank you to our participating
for supporting our school for 2020-2021!

2020 Pledge Drive

GOAL: $81,000

ACTUAL: $64,435

as of 12/1

2020 Classroom Participation & Totals

as of 12/1
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PTO Pledge Drive - Class Participation Graph


PTO Pledge Drive - Class Participation Data

Classroom Pledge Drive Incentive

100% Class Participation:
Donut Day!

Awarded to every class with 100% pledge participation at any level

(Students with food allergies that prevent them for having a donut will be awarded with an alternative treat)


MS. PINK's 6th Grade: 100%
MRS. WATKINS' 3rd Grade: 100%

6th Grade Pledge Drive Challenge

Photo Booth
Reach a combined participation percentage of
and win a 2-hour photo booth rental
for use during a 6th grade promotion event!

ACTUAL: 79.6%

(as of 11/30)

We are hopeful that an in-person promotion ceremony will be possible this year. In the event that it is not, we will find another way to reward the class of 2021.

Prizes for Pledges!

It can pay to pledge in more ways than one! Not only are you helping your school, there may be a little something in it for you and/or your child depending on your pledge level!


    • $250+ - GOLD
    • $150 - 249 - SILVER
    • $75 - 149 - BRONZE
    • $25 - 74 - MEMBER

Individual Student Prizes

GOLD LEVEL: Pledges of $250+

Gold Prize: All Gold-level pledged students will have the opportunity to choose one of the following:

Gold Raffle Entry for a chance to win:

    • Name the Bus Loop (1 winner)
    • 2020-2021 Bus Loop Parking Space (1 winner)
    • 2020-2021 Main Lot Parking Space (1 winner)
    • SCVCC Round of Golf for Four (1 winner)
    • SCVCC Youth Tennis Camp (1 winner)
    • Young Art: Virtual Art Birthday Party for up to 30 kids (1 winner)
    • SF 49ers: 2 seats, 2 year expiration from 10/20/2020 (1 winner)
    • Kumon Math: Classes for 1 month (1 winner)
    • Top Flight Junior Golf Club and balls (1 winner)

Silver Raffle Entry

Silver Oak Washable Mask

MPR Pledge Wall Recognition
(first name, last initial)

PTO Membership

SILVER LEVEL: Pledges $150-249

Silver Raffle Entry for a chance to win:

    • Principal-For-A-Day (1 winner)
    • Silver Creek Academy Free Session, Fall or Winter (1 winner)
    • Young Art: Virtual Art Birthday Party for up to 30 kids (1 winner)
    • $50 Fall Book Fair Gift Card (3 winners)
    • Wilson 25" Roger Federer Tennis Racquet & balls (1 winner)
    • Promotion Ceremony: 2 Reserved Premium Bleacher Seats (1 Grade 6 winner)

Silver Oak Washable Mask

MPR Pledge Wall Recognition
(first name, last initial)

PTO Membership

BRONZE LEVEL: Pledges $75-149

Silver Oak Washable Mask

MPR Pledge Wall Recognition
(first name, last initial)

PTO Membership


PTO Membership

Rules & Notes

1) To be eligible for SILVER, GOLD, & PLATINUM incentives, one child may be pledged at the desired level, provided all siblings attending Silver Oak have a minimum $150 value pledge. (For example: For 1 child pledged at $250, and the sibling pledged at $150, Child 1 is eligible for GOLD level incentives and Child 2 is eligible for SILVER. If the sibling were pledged less than $150, neither sibling qualifies for GOLD or SILVER level prizes.)

2) In the event a highest pledge contest includes ties, earlier pledges will win based on the date/time of their pledge.

3) Students may only win 1 raffle prize. If a prize is won, the winners name is removed from future drawings unless the prize is refused. To refuse a prize that is won, please email the Pledge Team a minimum of 1 week before the next drawing at soeptopledge@gmail.com. Refusing a prize does not guarantee another prize will be won.

4) The pledge levels and associated prizes are based on personal contributions only. Corporate Matching funds are not included in the personal pledge total amount. The reason for this is such funds are applied for during the pledge drive and received throughout the year if the companies approved them. Our pledge levels are based on personal giving during our pledge drive only.

5) Prizes, trips, and other incentives are subject to possible change. We avoid this wherever possible, but if it is necessary, adjustments to details and offerings may be made.

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