Ask Your Company About Corporate Matching

Does your Company Share the Love - Heart Hands

Corporate matching programs are a wonderful way to double your donation at no additional expense to you! Many employers will match your pledge drive contribution if you follow their program guidelines.

Suggested Steps:

  1. DOES YOUR COMPANY MATCH? - Search your company's internal website or inquire with your company's HR Department about employee donation matching.
  2. INQUIRE HOW TO SUBMIT A CLAIM - If your company does match donations... ask about their procedure to request a match - they can vary from company to company.
  3. NEED PTO ASSISTANCE? - Contact our PTO Corporate Match Team at if you need any assistance from us with your Corporate Match submission.

Click here to see if your employer is on our list of companies that have participated in past years. This list is not complete, but can serve as a quick reference for you to see if your company has matched donations for Silver Oak in the past. If your company is not named, please check to see if they have a donation matching program.

We are happy to work with you to help your submission meet the matching guidelines of your company. If you have questions about how to apply for corporate matching, click here for our FAQ, or send an email to our Corporate Matching Coodinator at

Thank you for your support!


Time = Money

Volunteer-grant programs are offered by a number of generous companies in support of employees who volunteer their time with charitable organizations. Parents of such companies can submit their time spent volunteering for the Silver Oak PTO. Once verified, companies then send a matching hourly-rate donation for the volunteer time worked.

The hourly rate, maximum hours possible, and submission procedures may vary from company to company. Inquire with your employer about this program and their submission specifics. Feel free to contact our Corporate Matching Coordinator for assistance if needed.

2020 Fall Pledge Drive

Make a Pledge Heart

Silver Oak Educational Partnership ("SOEP", dba: Silver Oak Elementary PTO) is committed to supporting Silver Oak during the current Distance Learning requirements.

We are committed to supporting Silver Oak's new expenses and areas of need for successful Distance Learning in the 2020-2021 school year.

SOEP/PTO Fall Pledge Drive is now open. We have reduced our requested amount to $150 per student. This amount is less than half our normal ask due to the cancellation of all our in-person enrichment programs and events.

This year, SOEP is focused on classroom and school support, technology investments, and safe community engagement. This includes all Silver Oak preschool and transitional kindergarten (TK) classes, as well as all our K-6 classrooms.

We invite the parent community to pledge for their student(s) today! We hope we can count on your support to help make Distance Learning at Silver Oak a wonderful success.

Please visit the ANNUAL PLEDGE DRIVE webpage for more detailed information.

2020 SOEP/PTO Pledge Form

Silver Oak Educational Partnership
dba: Silver Oak Elementary PTO
Tax ID# 77-0412332

Corporate Matching of Employee Donations

We have a PTO Corporate Matching Coordinator that can assist you with your questions and/or special company requirements associated with successfully submitting a corporate matching request. Email your inquiries to:

Some companies will only match your charitable donations if they are submitted via your company first... not directly to the school. Make sure to check your company's matching donation procedure before making your donation, or contact our Corporate Matching coordinator if assistance is needed.

Silver Oak PTO = Silver Oak Educational Partnership
For a long time, Silver Oak had both a PTA organization and an educational foundation called Silver Oak Educational Partnership (SOEP). In 2014, SOEP and PTA merged into one entity. SOEP continues to exist as a 501c3 non-profit educational foundation doing business as (DBA) Silver Oak PTO.

Your company's matching database may have us listed as any of the following names:

  • Silver Oak Educational Partnership
  • Silver Oak PTO
  • Silver Oak Elementary School

Silver Oak PTO Thanks You For Your Support & Participation!
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Silver Oak Educational Partnership
(DBA: Silver Oak PTO)
is a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization.

Fed Tax ID# 77-0412332

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